What to Expect

Every Journey Begins With A Single Step

acupuncture wellness journey

Andrew helps you take your  first step to better health with an initial consultation and acupuncture treatment.  He will take you through the initial consultation paperwork asking a variety of questions about your health, both present and historical, in order to get a holistic look at your main health complaint.  This will often involve looking at your tongue and feeling your pulse at your wrist.

During this initial conversation,  Andrew will begin to identify the pattern of disharmony that may be causing  your health complaint.  With this in mind, he will design an acupuncture prescription to begin the restoration of balance in your body.

To receive acupuncture therapy, all you need to do is lie down on your front or back, depending on what Andrew has decided is best for your condition.  Once the acupuncture has been performed, you will have a chance to rest on the table for the remainder of your session.

Before you leave the clinic, Andrew will have ‘the talk’ with you and provide for you:

A treatment plan – this varies from person to person and depends on several factors, but you can count on a minimum of a weekly treatment at the start.  Realistic outcomes will be explained to help you understand the road ahead.  As your condition improves, so does the treatment frequency.

Lifestyle/Dietary advice – Andrew considers food to be medicine and for some conditions, some small changes to dietary choices can really make a difference.  In addition, Andrew may provide movement exercises for specific musculo-skeletal issues, breathing exercises or other lifestyle adjustments that will support the rebalancing of your body.

For some health conditions, herbal medicine is an important addition to your treatment.  If this is the case, Andrew will recommend a Chinese herbal formula that addresses your particular imbalance.

Some people feel the effects of treatment immediately, and can report better sleep or more energy following an acupuncture session.  For long term change in the body however, it is the accumulated effects of frequent treatments that make lasting changes in your condition.

With every treatment, Andrew strives to get you feeling better and back to health so that you no longer require his therapies.  This being said, many people choose to visit the clinic for illness prevention and for them, Andrew suggests a monthly treatment.

Initial Consultation and Treatment – $110 (1hr)
Follow up treatment – $90 (45mins)
NB: When appropriate, Andrew often prescribes herbal medicine to support the acupuncture work that you are doing. These prescriptions are an additional cost to the acupuncture. A course of herbal medicine is often 2 weeks and can cost anywhere from $40 – $100.