Gippsland Acupuncture


Traditional Solutions

for Modern Problems


Gippsland Acupuncture has been offering Chinese Medicine health solutions to the Gippsland area for nearly 10 years.

Chinese Medicine(CM) is an integrated system of primary health care that has an uninterrupted history of use and development in China and other parts of the world that dates back to over two thousand years. CM can be considered one of the original holistic medical systems in the world.



Simply put, these needles trigger a cascade of neurotransmitter and hormone release which focus your body’s ability to heal itself.

herbal medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Many Chinese herbs are common food items that you would already have in your kitchen like ginger, licorice and brown rice.


Thai massage and Chinese Tui Na are used both for diagnosing a condition and also for treatment.

Gippsland Acupuncture - cupping


It’s a technique that has been used in many traditional medical settings worldwide for thousands of years.

Moxibustion also called Moxa

Moxibustion (Moxa)

Moxa is ignited and due to it’s ability to smolder slowly, it produces steady heat and releases it’s essential oils.


Diet and Lifestyle advice

Chinese Medicine has always put a lot of emphasis on diet and lifestyle to help people live long and healthy lives.